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In western UP, strong winds, rain and hail reduced the temperature and increased the winter

The period of rain from Saturday to Sunday in the plains continued throughout the day on Sunday due to unrest in the mountains from Saturday to the west. Heavy rains and hailstorms lashed parts of western UP on Sunday. Strong winds, rain and hail reduced daytime temperatures. Rainfall is expected to continue for 48 hours.

It has been raining in Mira since Saturday night. It rained all day on Sunday. The city of Meerut received 22 mm of rain till Sunday evening and the Modipuram area received 11.9 mm of rain. It is expected to rain in Mirta on Monday and Tuesday as well. Bijan recorded 12 mm of rainfall on Sunday. The daytime temperature dropped by 2 degrees Celsius due to rain. The mercury for the day was 15.2 degrees Celsius. There was silence in the market. Sugarcane has reached very low levels. It was cloudy all day in Saharpur. The rain that fell after noon made it colder. According to meteorologists, there is a possibility of rain in the district on Monday.

It started raining in Bulandshahr at 3 am on Sunday. More than 400 villages, including the city, were electrified as the place failed due to rains. It rained with strong winds in Baghpat. Hail also fell in Khekra tehsil area, causing damage to crops like potato, mustard and wheat. During this time, people were also exposed to electronic i-patches.

Muzaffarnagar has received rain in many places including hail. There is also a possibility of crop damage due to hail. The district recorded an average rainfall of 10 mm. Rainfall in Shamli has caused human problems due to waterlogging in the lower parts of the city. There was silence in the market due to the continuous sweltering rain throughout the day. Rainfall is known to be beneficial for all crops. It has rained occasionally in Hapur. The buffalo was killed in a lightning strike on Bulandshahr Road in the city. Also, electrical appliances were blown up in the village of Attuta.


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