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In the first case of new forms of corona in Brazil, the virus spreads 70% faster

The first case of a new form of the global epidemic coronavirus has been confirmed in the South American country of Brazil. The new version of the corona, first found in Britain in early December, has so far been confirmed in a dozen countries, including India, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and many European countries. This new corona form spreads 70 percent faster than the old virus.

Earlier on Tuesday, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) confirmed the first case of a new strain (optional) of the coronavirus recently found in Britain. Brazil is the third largest country infected with the coronavirus and the United States is the country most affected. So far, 1933,7755 people have died and more than 76 million have been infected in Corona, Brazil. It is noteworthy that following this information from the UK, many countries canceled flights to Britain and incoming flights to stop the spread of new forms of the virus.

17.17 lakh people died due to corona in the world

On the other hand, the epidemic continues in many parts of the world, with the introduction of the Corona virus (Covid-19) vaccine and so far it has killed more than 16.17 million people, and affected 6.34 million people. According to data released by the Center for Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University in the United States, 633,999,222 people have been infected with the corona virus in 191 countries so far and 1.61 million 331 patients have died. Done

America is the worst hit, followed by India

The number of people affected by the worst-hit corona in the United States has risen to nearly 20 million, with 3,455,7366 people dying. In India, the second largest country of infection, the number of infections has risen to 122,086,1010, with more than 98.83 million people infected. Due to the higher number of health cases compared to the new cases, the number of active cases has come down to 2.44 lakh and the death toll has increased to 146,994.


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