In Mathura, 22 members of the Hindu army have been arrested for the Krishna Janmabhoomi movement

Police arrested 22 officers and activists, including the Hindu army chief, who had come to blow the trumpet of the Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi movement without permission. He was arrested and produced in court on charges of violating the peace. The police had been aware of this since morning.

A few days ago, Manish Yadav, the chief of the Hindu Army, appealed to all his leaders and supporters to visit the birthplace of Lord Krishna on social media. Apart from this, information was also given on social media about the launch of Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi movement. The police administration became aware of the matter. SSP Dr Gaurav Grover activated the police and intelligence forces at the district crossroads with a security check to allow Hindu Army officers and personnel to visit Mathura Sri Krishna’s birthplace without any permission. CO City led by Varun Kumar Singh was a warning to the local police administration. With the help of intelligence, police arrested nine officers, including Hindu Sena chief Manish Yadav, from Lucknow, while Sadar Bazar police took 13 officers and staff into custody. On the other hand, adequate police force was also deployed at the birthplace of Sri Krishna so that people could not gather in any way. Police have arrested 22 Hindu soldiers for violating the peace. CO City Varun Kumar Singh said all those arrested were arrested and sent to the city magistrate’s office for breach of peace.

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People were caught in the Sadar area

Kartik Verma resident Asiana, Lucknow, Himangshu resident Asiana, Lucknow, Kartik Raghubanshi resident Silvani, Madhya Pradesh resident Amitpur Shukla resident Nasirpur, Kaifi, Ambedkar Nagar, Pushpendra Singh resident Kasmaran Takran, Kasmira Taknia, , Adil Kumar Singh resident of Alambagh, Lucknow, Kashimkhera resident Sushil Kumar Yadav, Banthra, Lucknow, Surajvan, Amit, Sadananda, Arpit Srivastava etc.

People arrested from the verdict

Manish Yadav resident of Sarojininagar Lucknow, Jayant Saxena resident Bhojna Lucknow, Anshu Pandey resident Sarojininagar Lucknow, Narendra Kumar resident Unnao, Ashutosh resident Unnao, Jitendra Shahu resident Unnao, Raman resident Ba Shavan Ba ​​Shabana

Settle Mathura’s birthplace like a scholar: Manish

Hindu Army Chief Manish Yadav said that Mathura’s birthplace should also be disposed of like Ayodhya. He has denied any misleading information on Facebook and social media. Police have arrested nine people, including Hindu Army chief Manish Yadav, on his way to Mathura from Lucknow on the Jamuna Expressway for violating the peace. Hindu army chief Manish Yadav said he had come to see the birthplace of Sri Krishna when police caught him. He said that Mathura Janmabhoomi should also be disposed of like Adhiya. He has denied any misleading information on Facebook and social media. Manish Yadav, chief of the Hindu army, said he had sought permission to visit Mathura and that he was going to see Mathura with his companions. SP City Uday Shankar said the misleading information related to the birthplace of Sri Krishna was propagated by the social organization. Those people came to Mathura. They have been arrested for violating the peace.

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Sent to prison

City Magistrate Manoj Kumar Singh said that 13 members of the Hindu army who had joined the movement at Sri Krishna’s birthplace had been sent to jail for violating the peace. Some people who went to take part in the movement were also arrested in the verdict. In this context, SDM Mahawan said, 9 people have been sent to jail for violating the peace.


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