In Delhi, 42 deaths, including 32 deaths in 3292 new cases in Corona

There have been 3292 new cases of coronavirus infection in Delhi. In the last 24 hours, the prevalence of Covid-19 outbreaks was higher than in new cases of the infection, and 3,3739 people recovered after treatment. Although the number of deaths due to corona is increasing rapidly. A total of 42 people have died due to this epidemic. 46 people died on Saturday, the highest in the last 70 days so far 5235 people have died due to corona in Delhi.

According to the Delhi government’s health bulletin released on Sunday, the total number of people infected in 3292 new cases has now reached 211,114. After the discharge of 33999 people, the number of recoveries from Corona has now increased to 2 lakh 3 lakh 151 people. At the same time, the number of content zones in the capital also increased to 2380.

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According to the health department, there are currently 29,228 active patients with corona in Delhi, of which 1,291 are being treated at home. At the same time, 757556 patients are admitted in Kovid Hospital. 1551 and 336 corona infections are being treated at dedicated covid health care and health centers.

According to the Health Bulletin, a total of 51,416 corona samples were tested in Delhi today. Of these, 11,414 RTPCR / CBNAT / Trunat and 40002 samples were tested by rapid antigen testing. The Delhi Health Department has so far examined a total of 29 lakh 24 thousand 754 corona samples.


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