If God comes to your dreams again and again, then you must understand.

Often when we go to someone’s house we find the temple of God. According to Indian culture and religion, people light lamps in the morning and evening and pray to God in their homes to avoid any problems.

At the same time, God always maintains a compassionate attitude towards His devotees, and the joys and sorrows that come in our lives are also mentioned in the signs, but we do not understand them so easily.

Today we are going to tell you some things through which you will be able to understand the signs of God. According to astrology, dreams show a glimpse of our future, and every night people have different kinds of dreams, some are remembered and some are forgotten until we wake up in the morning. However, each dream has its own individual fruit, we just need to be properly aware of it.

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If the dream god comes again and again in your dream, then you have realized that God is very happy with you, and the arrival of God in your dream is considered auspicious. Those who have the divine power to satisfy, they have already got an idea of ​​the bad and good times, they understand what will happen next.

It is believed that people who have the grace of God can achieve success even with less effort. It is said that it is a sign that God protects you from all troubles. If one gets more respect in society, then one should understand that you have the grace of God in your eyes, which will never be bad with you.

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