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How ready is Delhi for vaccination? Problems such as staff shortages and internet connections are seen in the dry run

Dry run for corona vaccination in the country. Additional staff, better internet connection and more time to handle any adverse events – these three issues are underlined by the three teams running this campaign in Delhi. A dummy vaccination campaign was conducted at a primary health center in Dariaganj, Delhi, Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital in Dilshad Garden and Venkateswara Hospital in Dwarka.

In these places, the beneficiaries had an officially issued identity card. She was registered on the official Queen Portal as well as Medical History. These were then observed for 30 min. Additionally, the vaccination centers were also prepared for an adverse event. It also records the time it takes for patients to receive emergency care.

Let us tell you that the Coin (Coroner Vaccine Intelligence Network) in Delhi will help health officials as well as the public to play their respective roles in promoting this vaccine.

Deputy Commissioner (Central) Arva Gopi Krishna said, “At our center, everything went smoothly for all the 25 volunteers. We have practiced attaching the patient to Sanjivani Hospital three minutes away for treatment of any adverse event. Within 15 minutes the patient was admitted to the emergency department. ”

However, there has been confusion over the ID proof test at Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital. Volunteers, beneficiaries and staff were also from the hospital.

Deputy Commissioner (Shahdara) Sanjeev Kumar said, “The names and tags of our vaccination officers were not clearly visible, creating confusion as to who was the officer on the site and who was the beneficiary.” This has been addressed at our stage. However, we have advised the state team to deploy additional volunteers for monitoring. Those who are feeling well, if the vaccine officer is involved in anything, they may try to leave the area. ‘

He said, “We have also suggested allocating some extra time for vaccination. Right now, the target is 100 people in seven hours. However, if any adverse events occur, a vaccinator (person controlling the shot) should provide immediate first aid and transfer the patient to the hospital. This will take about 30 minutes, during which time the rest of the activities will stop. So we may need some extra time.

Vaccinators are provided with a kit of emergency medications such as epinephrine, atropine, antihistamines and oxygen, providing immediate assistance when someone responds to the vaccine. “We have been asked to monitor the rash for fever, shortness of breath, convulsions and heart attack at the injection site,” said a nurse on duty at GTB Hospital.

Naveen Agarwal, deputy commissioner (south-west) of Venkateswara Hospital, said additional staff was needed at the waiting area for all paperwork to expedite the process. Once the vaccine is available, around 1000 vaccination sites will target 100,000 vaccines across Delhi.

I tell you that Saturday’s Mock Drive covered all the state capitals. This was done to determine the power and significance of the government to give shots to millions of people, including in remote areas of the country.


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