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How long will the vaccine be delivered, what will be the price, what will happen after approval? Get answers to every question from SII’s Adi Punawala

The Government of India has approved the emergency use of the Oxford University-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine. After the urgent use of the vaccine is approved by the Drugs Regulator of India, what will be the future plans (of course), when and for how long will the company deliver from production? Had a special talk with. The Seroma Institute of India is developing the coronavirus vaccine in Oxford, India. Adar Punawala said that 50 million doses of the vaccine are ready for distribution. We are waiting for the government’s purchase order. So let’s find out the answer to every question about coronavirus vaccine.

Q: SII has already developed several million doses of the Oxford-Astrageneca Covid-19 vaccine. You were gambling somehow and how sure are you?
The answer
: At the beginning of March-April we were not very confident, but we were 100% committed financially and technically. We worked very hard on it and now we are happy that it worked. It’s not just a financial issue, if it didn’t work it would take us six months to do something else and people would get the vaccine much later. This is thus a big victory, the drug regulator has approved it.

Q: Do you think it took longer than expected to reach approval?
The answer
: I am very happy and grateful for the way I managed this whole process because we don’t want to rush anyone to do something. We wanted the Drug Controller and the Ministry of Health to really understand all the information, to check everything, to double check what we did to see if what Oxford did was safe and effective.

Q: What happens after approval?
The answer
: They (Government of India) still have to sign a purchase order with us. After signing the purchase order, the government will tell us where to send the vaccine and we can deliver the vaccine only 7 to 10 days later. We have offered them (the government) a very special price of Rs 200 for the first 100 million doses. This offer is for Kevlar government only and it is also only 100 million doses. Prices may be higher or different depending on the order. In the private market, the cost of one dose of this vaccine can be up to Rs.1000 as per MRP. We will probably sell it for 600-700 rupees. A dose of this vaccine will be priced between -5 3-5 for export abroad. However, it can be source-down depending on the countries we deal with. However, it may take until March-April because the government had earlier banned us from exporting. We cannot offer it in the private market.

Q: How many tested doses of corona vaccine does the government have?

Answer: 50 million (5 million).

Q: What is your opinion about the rumors about the vaccine?
The answer
: Anyone who has the right to question science or information, but the more we read about what data is, where it has been tested, the more you talk and listen to some experts, then over time this belief is also formed. Increasingly, these vaccines are very safe and effective. It should be noted here that no one is forcing anyone to take the vaccine.


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