Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Kalyan Singh said on Thursday that he was proud of the decision to deny written permission on December 6, 1992 on the question of allowing firing on convoys in Ayodhya. In fact, car workers gathered at the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri mosque site in protest of the mosque. It is believed that this is the mosque where Rama was born and the Rama temple was built. Last year, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a decades-old dispute and ordered the construction of a Ram temple in the disputed area.

In December 1992, the protest went out of control and the accused car workers demolished the Babri Masjid. Kalyan Singh was then in power in Uttar Pradesh. After this incident, the government of Kalyan Singh fell and the rule of the President was imposed in the state. In an interview, 8-year-old Kalyan Singh said that the destruction of Babri somehow paved the way for the Bhumi-pujo ceremony at the Ram temple on August 5. He said, “I want to go to the Ayodhya temple and die, and then I want to be born again in the city of Ram.”

Kalyan Singh, who has also served as the governor of Rajasthan, said the Ram temple would boost tourism and ensure development of the new Ayodhya as well. Kalyan Singh is expected to reach Ayodhya a day before Bhumipujan. So let’s read parts of the conversation …

Q: You were the Chief Minister when the Babri Masjid was demolished 26 years ago and your government was sacked? Today you are preparing to go to Ayodhya for ground worship, how do you see all these developments and what has happened so far?

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The answer : I will call it the law of law. In 1528, Mir Baki, the general of the Mughal ruler Babur, demolished the Ram temple at Ayodhya because he did not want to build another shrine because he wanted to insult the Hindus. It was probably certain that this structure would collapse with me as Chief Minister. If no vandalism occurs, the courts may order a stay. So in a sense, this destruction actually paved the way for world-worship on August 5th.

Q: The question is, as the Chief Minister, did you do enough to fulfill your responsibilities and protect the mosque?

The answer : I want to tell you something In the excitement of that day (December) I received a call from the Ayodhya District Magistrate stating that about one and a half lakh tax servants had gathered. I was told that the central forces were coming towards the temple, but their movement was stopped by the tax servants outside the Sect College. I was asked if (shooters) should be ordered to shoot. I refused permission in writing and stated in my order that the shelling still would kill many people across the country, create chaos and bring law and order problems.

Q: And now you think you did the right thing?


The answer : Yes, I am proud of my decision because today I can proudly say that I certainly lost my government, but saved the tax payers. Now I think the ruins finally made their way to the Ram temple.

Q: What was the decision of the Mulayam Singh Yadav government in 1990 not to order the firing on the tax evaders motivated by the firing on the tax evaders?

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The answer : It was a wrong decision to fire car workers in 1990. Killing people is not a joke.

Q: You are among the invitees selected for Bhumi-pujo. So far, however, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, Samajwadi Party patron Mulayam Singh Yadav, BSP chief Mayawati and other main opposition leaders have not accepted the invitation. Will opposition leaders be invited to land-worship?

The answer : The decision of the Ram Janmabhoomi Trust, but I would say that although Ram is included in all, most of the names you mentioned have opposed the Ram temple.

Q: The Ram temple is going to be real now, but you are also talking about ensuring employment. How will it be, what do you think?

The answer: Ram will also make bread. The Ram Temple will make Ayodhya a world famous tourist destination. A new Ayodhya is about to come, which will coexist with the elders. All this will start work and prosperity.

Q: You are saying that the Ram temple is like a dream come true. Do you have any other wishes?

The answer: Yes, Ram wanted to live till the temple was built and then he was born in Ayodhya.



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