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Hathras gangrape case: Find out why the Yogi government rewarded the DMK for the victim’s family

The Yogari government has now transferred DM Praveen Lakshakar, who was in the news after the funeral of the victim’s body in the late night Hatras gang-rape case. He has been made Mirzapur District Magistrate. The victim’s family is demanding the dismissal of the DMK. The victim’s sister-in-law says that Mr. DM will go to Mirzapur and treat the girls in the same way.

After the DM was transferred, the victim’s brother-in-law expressed his displeasure about the DM. The victim’s sister-in-law said that the DMK of Hatras should be dismissed. The government does not know why it is kind to them. The government has given a bigger district than Hatras in the award. He will do the same in the district where he will go. The transfer was announced at night. DM lessons should be found. In the whole case, what DM has lost is his family.

Here’s the whole thing:

The incident of gang-rape and subsequent death of this young woman in Chandpa Kotwali village of Hatras caused a political storm in the country. After the death of a young woman at a hospital in Delhi, her body was set on fire overnight without asking family members. The media, social media and political parties have made it a big issue. The woman’s humility and later her janaza became the neck of the government and administration. In both cases, the police administration was blamed. The UP government suspended five policemen, including the SP of Hatras, as pressure mounted, but allowed the DMK to continue. Meanwhile, a video of DM veteran Lakshkar has gone viral in which he has been seen pressuring victims to stay away from the media. Subsequently, the families of the victims also demanded their transfer, accusing the DMK.

Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka also reached the village and talked about the DM transfer. Even when he first appeared, the High Court asked the government, why not the DM after the removal of the SP, the government spoke in favor of the DM. The Yogi government did not issue DM Praveen from here despite pressure. On December 18, the CBI filed the chargesheet of the case in Hatters Court. Now the ball is on the court. All in all, the storm balloon on the subject has been reduced. On the last day of the year, the government transferred Prabin and made him DM of Mirzapur. After playing a famous innings for about 22 months, Praveen left for Mirzapur at his next stop. Ramesh Ranjan is the next DM of Hatras.


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