Giving confidence to the country, whipping China … Learn in 10 points what Rajnath said in Rajya Sabha on China issue

Amid stalemate with Chinese troops in eastern Ladakh, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday said India is committed to resolving the border issue peacefully

Amid stalemate with Chinese troops in eastern Ladakh, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday said India is committed to resolving the border issue peacefully and we have unilaterally informed the neighboring country in a state of diplomacy that any change would not be acceptable. “We are facing a challenge in East Ladakh. We want to resolve the issue peacefully and our armed forces want to safeguard the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he said. If there is tension, the relationship cannot be strong. Read, 10 special issues about Rajnath S ingh’s speech in Rajya Sabha:


1- China has unauthorized occupation of about 38,000 square kilometers of land in Ladakh. Also, in 1963, under a so-called border agreement, Pakistan illegally handed over 5,060 square kilometers of Indian territory to China.

2- The House is aware that the Indo-China border issue has not been resolved yet. China does not accept India-China border customs and traditional traditional alignments. This boundary line is based on well-structured geographical principles.

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3- So far, there is no Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Indo-China border area and both have different ideas about LAC. Thus, there are many agreements and protocols between the two countries to maintain peace.

4- The 1993 and 1996 agreements stated that the LAC would at least keep both countries in the military. The agreement further states that the LAC will be considered until the boundary issue is fully resolved.

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5- There is an extensive and time-tested system of coordination between the various intelligence agencies of the government, including the Central Police Force and the three service intelligence agencies.

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6- China acknowledges that the border has not yet been formalized. It believes that the two countries have different interpretations of traditional customs lines based on their historical jurisdiction. It was discussed in the 1950s and 60s but no solution was found.

7- The House is aware that over the past few decades, China has launched a large-scale infrastructure program, which has increased its deployment capabilities in border areas. In response, our government has also increased the budget for infrastructural development along the border, which has already almost doubled.


8- It is true that we are going through a challenge in Ladakh but at the same time I am confident that our country and our brave troops will face this challenge. I urge this House to pay tribute to the heroism of our Army and their indomitable courage.

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9- The message of unity and full confidence conveyed by this House will resonate across the country and the world, and our youth, who stand firmly with the Chinese forces at a glance, will have new morale, strength and enthusiasm.

10- I want to assure the countrymen that our troops have more enthusiasm and courage, and that our troops are ready to face any crisis.



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