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Giriraj Singh on Akhilesh’s statement – They will keep the vaccine a secret and confuse people

Union Minister and BJP firebrand leader Giriraj Singh has termed Akhilesh Yadav’s remarks on coroner’s vaccine as misleading. Singh says these people will hide the vaccine and confuse people.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, Samajwadi Party president and former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav said, “I will not do it yet, I have given my comments. He will also keep the BJP, trust him. Oh brother, when their government comes, everyone will get free vaccine. We cannot get the BJP vaccine.

Asked about Giriraj Singh’s response to Akhilesh’s similar statement, he said, “These people will hide the vaccine and confuse people. They are talking so politically. The vaccine belongs to the country, the scientists belong to the country and this can be nothing more for a self-reliant India.

After clarifying his views on the coroner’s vaccine, Akhilesh also made it clear that the BJP’s vaccine should not replace the BJP’s political vaccine. He said, ‘We have full faith in the efficiency of the scientists, but no confidence in the unspoken thinking of the BJP applause and the coronary period vaccination treatment system of the BJP government. We will not get the political vaccine of BJP. The SP government will get the vaccine for free.


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