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Ghaziabad cremation ground incident: 23 people remain silent after two minutes of silence

Panditji was preaching the cremation of family, neighbors and relatives at Bampa Road crematorium for the funeral of Jayaram, a resident of Sangha Bihar Colony in Ghaziabad. He was going to say that on Monday morning he could pick flowers. But before that, he kept everyone silent for two minutes and prayed for peace of mind and he himself was silent.

As soon as the two minutes were over they uttered the word om, a plaster lantern fell from behind. People turned around to see that the lantern had fallen from the front. At the time of the accident, 60 to 70 people were present on the porch. Thanks, this was out of 12 to 18 people and the plaster fell on the back porch. But people close to the deceased Jayaram who were inside did not get a chance and he fell into the rubble. People present at the ceremony said that no one had a chance to understand anything. Rather this whole incident happened in just 15 seconds and those who stood and paid their respects started screaming for their lives from the rubble of the porch in 15 seconds.

Death was cut short in the blink of an eye

After the accident, Arun, 22, a resident of Sangam Bihar Colony, stopped talking. With great difficulty he informed that his death had been interviewed today. Rather, death struck him in the blink of an eye and he left. Arun said he was standing on the shore near a scooter at the time of the accident. As soon as Lantern read he sat down and got a scoop from the scooter. Yet he has a deep injury to his spine. Arun said that when this happened, he once felt that the game was over and his consciousness disappeared for about a minute. When he regained consciousness, he somehow crawled. By then the screams started all around.

No accident, Saab, this death came

Pankaj, a resident of Indirampuram, said he had come to attend the janaza. What he did know was that his own janaza was going to be held here. He said it was not an accident, death came by itself. But life is still there. Therefore, he is briefly saved from death. Pankaj said that Panditji could not even pronounce the word Om, before he became silent. Pankaj was slightly injured in the accident. So, standing there until the relief work continued, he remembered the bad moment.


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