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Geo users are shocked by the benefits of turning off calls on these 4G data vouchers

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Reliance Jio has made big changes. Jio has made free calls to all network numbers since 1 January 2021. Also, Geo has stopped offering acclaimed data facility in its talktime plans Also, Geo has stopped offering voice calling facility in its 4G data vouchers. That is, voice calling will no longer be available on Geo’s 4G data vouchers. Geo started offering free data vouchers up to 100 GB in its talktime plans. At the same time, the company’s 4G data vouchers are getting up to 1000 minutes of live minutes to call other network numbers, but now it’s off. Let’s find out what changes have been made to Geo’s 4G data voucher.

4G data voucher does not require voice calling

Reliance Jio has revised its 4G data voucher. The company has converted 4G data vouchers at Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51 and Rs 101. Jio’s 11 4G data vouchers cost 75 minutes to call another network number. At the same time, a data voucher of Rs 101 would take 1000 minutes to call another network number. In addition to providing voice calling benefits, Geo doubled the data benefits on these vouchers. For example, Rs 11 vouchers started with 800 calling data instead of 400MB with 75 calling minutes.

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At the moment, the data benefits of these 4G data vouchers from Geo have not changed. However, non-geo calling benefits have been omitted. Overall, these are data vouchers with minutes of voice calling.

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The data facility has come to an end through top-notch planning

Reliance Jio’s talktime plans were used to get acclaimed data up to Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 500 and Rs 1000 1000 gigabytes. However, the offer of complementary data in these talktime plans has now been discontinued. Now these are just talktime plans. Geo offers a talktime facility of only Rs 744.46 on top-up plans of Rs 1,000.

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