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Flights between India and Britain will resume from January 8 as the new Corona train is closed

The airport between India and Britain will resume on January 8. The civil aviation minister said on Friday that the two countries would operate 15 flights a week by January 23. Explain that due to the new strain of coronavirus in Britain, the central government suspended all flights from there until 31 December. With the arrival of the new Corona strain in Britain, the whole of Europe separated itself from Britain and many countries stopped their flights.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation said the Indian government has decided that all flights from Britain to India have been temporarily suspended until 11:59 pm on 31 December. But now the government has announced the resumption of the flight from Britain. However, it will start on January 7 after seven days. Until then, Britain cannot be visited.

Let me tell you that in the midst of the rapid spread of new ‘uncontrolled’ strains in some parts of the UK, flights from Germany, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, the Irish Republic, Turkey and Canada to Britain have begun. Following the embargo, France also decided to close its borders to Britain. At the same time, other countries and territories that have banned travel to the UK include Hong Kong, Israel, Iran, Croatia, Argentina, Morocco, Chile and Kuwait. In the UK, a strict Class 4 lockdown has been enforced and all unnecessary travel and events have been banned.


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