Find out why three suns started appearing in the Chinese

Find out why three suns started appearing in the Chinese sky, how did this rare event happen?

People woke up in the northeastern Chinese city of Mohe on Saturday, this morning was very special and amazing for them. They were surprised to see the three suns in the sky together. However, the other two suns seen in the sky were not real and because of ‘Sun Dog’ they were seeing three suns. This is known as atmospheric optical phenomenon, which allows people to see more than one sun in the sky.

People watched this rare event for three hours. People watched the rare event from 9:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and many tried to capture it on camera. The People’s Daily China posted a video of the three suns on its Twitter handle. The video shows two bright spots with the sun, also known as the ‘Phantom Sun’.

A rare phenomenon called ‘sun dog’ occurs when ice crystals are formed in the Earth’s atmosphere, after which they reflect sunlight and appear as illuminated sun. It is believed to be the longest sun dog in recent years.

Internet users were surprised to see the video. One Twitter user wrote, “Like I suspect many times … China has it all.” Such incidents were reported in January in the Chinese city of Fuwa. Then two extra suns appeared in the sky for 20 minutes. This phenomenon is required in different situations


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