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Fight in Azamgarh over Satish Kaushik’s ‘paper’, find out what is the ‘dead’ accused?

Bollywood producer-director Satish Kaushik’s new film paper has caused controversy. According to official records, the film is based on the life of Lal Bihari, a resident of Azamgarh, who died 18 years ago. Lalbihari has made several serious allegations against Satish. He has accused Satish of cheating in the deal. On the other hand, Satish Kaushik termed the allegation as baseless and said that the rights were bought for Rs 2 lakh.

At a press conference held at the crematorium Rajghat at 12 noon on Friday, Lal Bihari ‘dead’ said that Satish Kaushik, the brother of the director of the paper film released in January 2021, had betrayed him. I wanted a copy of the agreement. I was deceived in the name of making films on papers written in English, my struggles of the living dead have been executed by signing a lifelong fake notarial statement to Hafiz, to seize fundamental rights, to kill a dead person, to anonymize and to violate human rights. Not only that, they are being insulted by greedy, blackmailers and threatened to sue for defamation for asking for a copy of the agreement. The story of the struggle was twisted to replace the peasant weavers with the bazaar, and it is said that Bharat Lal died in place of Lal Bihari. The word untouchable has been used for me. He said that I am demanding the release of this film. He also spoke of taking the fight to court.

Hilahwali repeatedly asked for a copy of the film contract. Don’t tell me the story of the picture, don’t show me the picture. Asked to watch the film after hearing the release of the film, then refused to show the film and asked again for a copy of the contract, the notice said that I have all the rights in your life.

All allegations are baseless. I told the story to Lalbihari, the author further said, he was there all the time in the shooting of his happy film. He is the main assistant director of this movie is August 26, I called him Mumbai and showed the film. The contract was signed by his lawyer, who appointed him on his behalf. For the right to make a movie on him, I gave him Rs. Everything is transparent, where is the deception?

Satish Kaushik is the producer director


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