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Farmers’ ultimatum to government – Tractor parade to be held in Delhi on January 2 if demands are not met

If the farmers’ demands are not met, thousands of protesting farmers will enter the national capital on January 2, the Republic Day, and parade a tractor. Farmers are repealing three agricultural laws and demanding one law to guarantee a minimum price for crops. The Kisan Morcha, a platform of the Krishak Union, said this in Delhi on Saturday.

Speaking at a press conference in the capital, a seven-member team comprising a month-long protest discussed the agenda of a new movement within 15 days from January to January. This includes more walks at six locations along the Raj Bhavan. 2 Delhi There was also talk of Delhi border and rehearsal for the January tractor parade.

The farmers’ leaders said they would wait until January 4 for talks with the government and the Supreme Court on January 3 on three agricultural lawsuits.

Forum leader Yogendra Yadav said, “This is our ultimatum. If all the issues are not resolved and our demands are not met by Republic Day, we will start entering Delhi. The government says 50 percent of the demands have been met. But the government has shown no signs of meeting our biggest demands. “

Farmers say the reforms will be exploited by larger corporations, undermine their bargaining power and weaken the government’s procurement system, allowing the government to buy crops such as wheat and paddy.

Darshan Pal, leader of the Agriculture Association, said, “If the issue is not resolved, tractors from all the neighboring states will start coming to Delhi. All the existing blockade site accidents will start shaking. Will block products and services. “

The leaders were speaking at their first press conference in the national capital since the movement began. Balbir Singh Rajewal said, “The government does not want to repeal the laws because it has become an important issue for them. They have tried to thwart our movement in innumerable ways. Sometimes we are also called Maoists and Khalistanis (referring to Sikh separatists). ”


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