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Farmers standing in the rain, food donors protesting at the Delhi border have faced similar obstacles.

Farmers sitting on the Delhi border on Saturday received light rain after the scorching cold. Although the rain was not so heavy, it was enough to bother the farmers present there. The rains caused mud to spread on the roads, making it slippery and farmers had special problems driving two-wheelers.

Saturday was the 38th day of the peasant movement. Volunteers and sanitation workers from the Sonepat Municipal Corporation continued to clear mud and rubbish from border roads, and Suraj also played hide-and-seek. People were dissatisfied with the relief from the sun.

The mattresses that the peasants sat on and listened to the speeches of their leaders near the main stage were soaked with rain. This delays the scheduled shows of the day on stage. Volunteers need to remove wet mattresses or cover with pool sheets to accommodate them.

As a result of the rains, the protesting farmers were mainly involved in cooking, providing food and other facilities to hundreds of volunteers at the Singhu, Tikri, UP Gate and Chilla border. Farmers along the Indus border say some tents, where food is prepared and dried rations are stored, start leaking and this delays the cooking process.

Sahab Singh, a volunteer at the Langar Service on the Singhu border from Manasa in Punjab, said, “Cooking became more difficult due to the accumulation of wooden logos on the streets and most of them got wet. Somehow the dry wood logs and LPG cylinders were arranged. But the real problem started when we started serving food. The mats on which we were fed were completely wet. People had to stand and eat on the muddy road. “

Farmers said they slipped from the mud there, making it difficult for them to ride motorcycles. Elderly farmers, women and children were the hardest hit, so some volunteers were seen helping to move around the protest site, some even clearing the streets using water.


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