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Face-to-face hearing in Patna High Court from today, encouragement among lawyers about physical court

The physical court will begin in the Patna High Court from Monday. More than nine months later, the lawyer will take action in the High Court. His munshi and high court staff, including lawyers, are very excited about the physical court.

All eyes are on the High Court administration. The High Court administration is extremely serious about physical courts. All guidelines for coronary heart disease are being followed. It is forbidden to enter the High Court without anyone close to it. The lawyer and his author will only be able to enter the e-pass. Where no client will be allowed to enter the High Court. The lawyer and his author must follow every guideline. Eight lawyers have been arranged to sit in each court. Twelve waiting rooms have been set up for the rest of the lawyers. They have also been arranged to sit in the High Court premises. Water and sanitation have been provided in different places.

Bar associations were introduced through a physical hearing system on Sunday. For about three hours the coordinating committee of the three bar associations gave their consent and gave many important suggestions after seeing the physical court system. After which an emergency meeting of the coordination committee was held. The committee members then met Justice Ahsanuddin Amanullah and Justice Rajiv Ranjan Prasad and briefed them on the situation. Both judges assured the committee that no one would be allowed to be inconvenienced during the physical hearing.

Attempts will be made to address the deficit: Union

The meeting was attended by Advocate Association President Yogesh Chandra Verma, Advocates Association, Advocates Association President Ajay Kumar Tagore and General Secretary Rajiv Kumar Singh and Bar Association Secretary Mukesh Kant. The Coordinating Committee has decided to make every effort to make the physical court a success. He also requested all the lawyers to make the physical court a success. So that after two weeks it can be run regularly. The committee said it would try to address any shortcomings. No one needs to panic.

Only e-pass holders can go to the courtroom

All sorts of measures have been taken to avoid Corona. Lawyers have been provided with adequate seating as well as water and sanitizer. Following social distances and wearing a mask is mandatory for everyone. Only those with e-passes will be allowed to enter the courtroom. No entry will be allowed under any circumstances. Coordinating Committee Chairman Yogesh Chandra Verma said the campaign would be successful with the cooperation of all lawyers.


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