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Excited by the positive report of the young man who arrived in Varanasi from Britain, he sent samples to the Pune laboratory to test the new pressure.

The report of a 226-year-old man who came to Varanasi from Britain has caused panic after a positive report. A report has been sent to the Pune lab to test the new strain. So far, this is the first time that more than 50 people from Britain have arrived in different districts of the East. Two new strains have been reported in UP so far. Additional caution has been instructed in this regard. On Friday, CM Yogi Adityanath also held a review meeting with Coroner’s new strain-related officials and stressed the need to seek communication.

The youths who have reportedly returned positively from Britain to Varanasi are mainly from Basharatpur in the neighboring district of Mirzapur. He was in Sundarpur till two days ago. Sundarpur has been made a hotspot. The youth has been admitted to BHU. His relatives have also been brought to the district hospital.

The government is said to be running a campaign to investigate people returning from Britain. As part of the operation, the Mirzapur administration was informed that the young man had returned from Britain. A team from the health department reached his house and found him visiting his relatives in Varanasi.

The Mirzapur Health Department then informed the Varanasi Health Department and requested the youth to investigate. Two days ago, a team from the health department in Varanasi reached his house and took samples. There was a panic as the report came in positive. He was immediately admitted to BHU and his relatives were also brought to the district hospital and given samples. No relatives have been reported yet.


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