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Evetee Bill: Transporters angry over new GST system, announces strike from January 4

The deadline set by the new rules in the EU bill is not acceptable to transporters. Everyone is agitating against it. He said it would be very difficult to travel by truck at a distance of 200 km in one day. In this situation, all this will not be possible from us. Angry transporters announced a check-in on January 4th. Traders are also willing to support their movement. UP Motors Transport Association officials are preparing for a cycle at the state level soon. Many trade boards have supported him.

Under the new GST regime, freight trucks will have to cover a distance of 200 km in 24 hours. Transporters are angry at the new rules of the EO Bill this time around. He said the 200-kilometer distance rule in one day would create trouble.

Previously, a distance of 100 km had to be covered in 24 hours. The transporters, who were troubled by the rule, said that the harassment was already taking place within the stipulated time frame, now there will be more trouble. If fighting is needed to bring this system back, we will not back down. At the same time traders say that there will be permanent problems due to the extension of the deadline. If this is not done the trucks will be towed and the business will come to a standstill. There will be a fine for one, when the products will not be able to run on time. Transporters will be supported in all ways.

24 hours 100 kilometers away, fines were being imposed on trucks stuck in traffic jams. Due to this rule, more than 1100 transporters of the metropolis have been burdened with around Tk 12 crore in the last one year. With the rule of covering a distance of 200 kilometers, trucks will be pulled every day. This will increase exploitation.
-Satish Gandhi, President UP Motor Transport Association

The new rules will add to the hassle. Much comes from Delhi or surrounding districts and places of transport. Then further goes to the East and other districts. The problem will appear from a distance of 200 kilometers in one day. It will also affect traders.
Abodhesh Vajpayee, President, UP Grocery Business Association

If the distance increases, the problem will increase. Sometimes, trucks are not able to cover a distance of 100 kilometers by getting stuck in a traffic jam. In this case, the truck is freight. The truck has been parked in departmental offices for many days. This will increase the problem.
-Chandrakar Dixit, All India Trade Board of Industries


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