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Do you have questions about using the coronavirus vaccine? Here is every answer

Although the emergency use of two vaccines has been approved in the country, there are many questions in people’s minds about vaccines that need to be answered. Let’s find the answers to these questions based on conversations with experts.

Two vaccines are approved, which vaccine will be given to which person, how will the decision be made?

It is likely that the government will introduce different vaccines according to the state. Serum can be given in any state of India like vaccination. There will be no discomfort or discomfort in applying the second dose. However, the Covin software will record which person will receive which vaccine.

When will the vaccine come on the market?

It is believed that the government will buy both vaccines, which it will use to vaccinate priority groups. Their number is about 300 million. That is, the government needs 600 crore doses. Once completed, the government will allow the vaccine to be sold in the market.

Will Pfizer, Modarna, Sputnik vaccines be approved?

Available at all. Pfizer has also applied. Sputnik’s trial is ongoing. These companies will also apply. So these three vaccines will come in the future. The Cadillac vaccine is also in the third stage. Many more vaccines are being developed around the world. More vaccines have arrived in the second half.

What will happen with the introduction of multiple vaccines?

If more vaccines are approved in the country and production capacity increases, the government will also allow these vaccines to be sold in the market and people will be able to buy and manage the vaccines themselves.

What will be the price of vaccine in the market?

It’s hard to say right now, but it depends on how many vaccines are on the market. The cost of vaccines will definitely be reduced as they are produced in the country.

What does emergency use mean?

These two vaccines are currently restricted and approved for emergency use. One meaning of this is that it should be used in full medical supervision. Its effects will also be monitored. However, some things are clear. Prior to approval, it has been confirmed that emergency clearance is being granted which has been effective. At the moment there is no better option than this. If there are more effective drugs than the option, then the emergency approval medicine can also be withdrawn. If the drug or vaccine is successful during the treatment monitoring, it will receive final approval.

What does limited emergency use mean?

Large-scale use is prohibited during this type of clearance, but no number is set for how many people will use it. Especially when the vaccine should be administered to a population of 1.25 billion in the country, the application of one or two crore would be considered as limited use.

How many vaccines are available in India?

Work is underway on a total of nine vaccines. Two have received emergency approval. There are seven different steps.

Who will vaccinate first?

One crore health workers are to be vaccinated in the first phase. This includes all government and non-government health workers. Then there are the 20 million frontline workers who are involved in corona prevention, including police, government workers, etc. After that, there are 27 million people who already have the disease and may be at greater risk than the corona.

Will everyone get the free vaccine?

So far, only one crore health workers and two crore frontline workers have decided to get free vaccines. The remaining Rs 2 crore has not been settled yet, but the state government can provide free vaccines if they want. Many states have also announced.

Will these three groups be vaccinated together?

This will depend on the availability of the vaccine in the coming days.

(Based on conversations with experts)


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