Did Sanjay Raut meet Fadnavis only for an interview? Learn what the two leaders said

Why did former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Sanjay Raut meet on Saturday? What was the conversation between the two? After all, what does this meeting mean? Many such questions are floating in the political arena. The two leaders broke the silence by keeping it initially secret. The purpose of this meeting is stated in these two interviews. This explanation, however, did not completely calm the questions in the political circles.

Sanjay Raut said he wanted to discuss some issues with the former chief minister. At the same time, Fadnavis says he met with the interviewer. On Sunday, Fadnavis said, “Sanjay Rautji wanted to interview me for the Shiv Sena newspaper Samana. The same condition was met for discussion because I laid down some conditions. I wanted it to be published without editing. We did not have any political talks.”

Earlier, Sanjay Raut had said, “I have met Devendra Fadnavis to discuss some issues.” He is a former Chief Minister and also the Leader of the Opposition in Maharashtra and is in charge of BJP’s Bihar. We may have ideological differences but we are not enemies. The Chief Minister was aware of our meeting. “The question arises that if the interview was the sole purpose of the meeting between the two, why it was not disclosed earlier.”

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Raut met Fadnavis at a hotel in Mumbai on Saturday. Raut was in the news after his anti-BJP stance on power-sharing in the wake of last year’s assembly elections. In such a situation, after this meeting between the two leaders, a lot of speculation started about changes in the politics of Maharashtra.

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