Did India’s relations with China and 5 other neighboring countries deteriorate? The government did not say

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The government on Wednesday said India’s relations with neighboring countries such as Nepal, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Myanmar have not deteriorated in recent times. State Minister for External Affairs V Muralitharan made the remarks in a written reply to a question from Trinamool Congress member Saugat Roy in the Lok Sabha.

Saugat Roy wanted to know whether India’s relations with neighboring countries like Nepal, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Myanmar have deteriorated in recent times. Muralitharan said, ‘No.’ Amid the stalemate between Indian and Chinese troops in eastern Ladakh, the foreign minister said in his reply that relations with China and five other countries had not deteriorated.

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Rai further asked whether China has good relations with any one of the above five countries and what steps have been taken for friendly relations with India’s neighbors.

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Answering the question, Muralitharan said the government gives top priority to India’s relations with neighboring countries. “India is an active political and economic partner of its neighbors and is involved in many projects with these countries, including development projects,” he said.

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The minister said India has deep academic, cultural, business and investment ties with neighboring countries.



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