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Delhi: The movement of waterproof tents, farmers’ enthusiasm has not diminished due to rains

Due to the rains in Delhi for the last two days, the enthusiasm of the farmers in the movement has not diminished at all. Instead, farmers have set up water-proof tents at the Tiki border to avoid rain and winter to intensify the movement. On Sunday, a large number of water-proof tents reached the Tiktik border and their installation continued till late at night. A new platform, new sleeping tents and special tents have now been set up to avoid the winter. Earlier on Saturday there was a lack of sleeping space at night due to the collapse of platforms and camps for sleeping in large numbers after the rains. Due to which the farmers had to spend the night in the streets.

200 tents were set up for the stage and camp

Farmer Gurbinder Singh, who monitors the system at the Tikar border, said the winter has increased after the rains. Saturday’s rain ruined the stage. Under such circumstances, about 200 tents were ordered for the gold of Mancha and Krishak Bhai on Saturday. The tents reached the ticking border on Sunday afternoon. In such a situation, the work of planting them started from noon. This work continued till late at night and arrangements were made for the farmer brothers to sleep at night. Its music stage has also proved to be water. He said the government and the rains could not stop the farmers, they would go to their homes as soon as the black law came back.

Two died

Two people were killed in a protest on the Tikari border on Sunday. In the morning, 18-year-old Jashanpreet’s health suddenly deteriorated. He was rushed to the district hospital in Bahadurgarh. Where he died. According to doctors, Jashpreet had a heart attack. Jashanpreet Bathinda was a resident of Punjab and had been present in the peasant movement for about 22 days at the Tiki border. Farmers have not yet recovered from Jashpreet’s death that 60-year-old Jagbir Singh, who was in column number 6464, began to deteriorate for a week. He was immediately taken to the hospital. But he died on the way.

Chowdhury Chowdhury Joginder Nain said when people called for tea in the morning, they said there was unrest. When the situation started getting worse, people rushed to Bahadurgarh Hospital, but they died before reaching the hospital. He said that Jagbir Singh has two children in his family, a boy is 32 years old and a girl is 28 years old. Chowdhury Chowdhury Joginder Nine said the cause of death was due to winter.


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