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Corona vaccination campaigns, such as the election process, will train 57,000 people in 1919 districts

The corona vaccination campaign in India can be started as soon as possible with the global outcry of corona and rapid spread to new areas. The central government has made preparations so that there is no harm in the vaccination campaign. Dry run is going on in all the states of the country. In a country with a large population like India, no single citizen should be excluded from the coronavirus vaccine, so that the government can run the campaign as soon as the election is conducted. The booth level will be made accessible for this. So far, more than 57,000 participants have been trained to make this vaccine campaign a success.

Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said the vaccination campaign was based on a planned election process up to the booth level. More than 519,000 participants completed the training in 719 districts. So far 96,000 commenters have been trained. Let us know if DCGI can make a big announcement about the coronavirus vaccine today, Sunday at 11am.

Two thousand master trainers ready

Harshvardhan said that about two thousand master trainers have been prepared for vaccination. All health workers have been trained in the same way that the staff posted at the booths are trained during the election. A detailed guideline of about one and a half pages has been prepared. Harshvardhan said the country has a long experience of vaccination. Millions of children are vaccinated every year. The world’s largest vaccination campaign against rubella was conducted in India. Percentage of polio-infected children lived in India. The disease was eradicated only through vaccination. Corona vaccination has been prepared using those experiences.

Many ministries have gathered to help with the vaccination campaign

Notably, a number of ministries and departments are working to assist in the promotion of this vaccine under the guidance of the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration (NEGVA) for COVID-19. For this, any site will be used to administer the coronavirus vaccine under the Universal Immunization Program (UIP). India has 26,900 cold chain points and more than 75,000 devices under UIP.

Vaccines have been rehearsed

The exercise was held in all the states and union territories on Saturday as part of preparations for the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in the country. At the same time, Union Health Minister Hashvardhan urged people not to be misled by rumors about the safety of the vaccine and its effectiveness. Harsh Vardhan said that in the first phase of vaccination, free vaccines will be provided to the highest priority people, including one crore health workers and two crore front workers. He said details on how to vaccinate 227 million people by July were being finalized on a priority basis. These beneficiaries include people over the age of 50 and those younger than those already suffering from any disease.

Covid-19 vaccination drills were conducted in three places in the capital. Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain has said that the Covid-19 vaccine will be given to the people of the national capital free of cost. He added that the Delhi government was preparing for the vaccination drive. Jain, who visited a center in Dariaganj as part of the vaccination rehearsal, told reporters that the whole system still looks innocent.

Rehearsals were held in at least three places in the state capitals. Officials said a few states have included districts that are in inaccessible places for vaccine rehearsals. Maharashtra, Kerala and Gujarat have conducted the vaccination in four districts, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in five districts, and Rajasthan in seven districts.

‘Kovaxin’ has been approved for emergency use

Meanwhile, an expert committee of the Central Medicine Authority of India on Saturday recommended the approval of the home-developed anti-Covid-19 vaccine ‘Kovacin’ for emergency use with certain conditions.


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