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Corona slowed, in the last 24 hours 19,078 new cases, 224 people died

The year may change but the risk of corona virus remains the same. The new strain of the corona virus has caused a lot of tragedy in the world, but the old version of the corona virus is also not correct. There have been 19,078 cases in India in the last 24 hours. Although the corona’s speed is slowly decreasing, the danger cannot be completely avoided.

The total number of coroner cases in India has reached 1,03,05,788. In the case of those who died in Corona, 222 people died in the last 24 hours from the infection. The death toll in the country’s corona is 1,49,218. Several reports indicate that recovery rates in India have increased and the number of patients recovering from corona has continued to rise. In the last 24 hours, 22,926 people have returned from corona.

The total number of people recovered from Corona in the country is 99,06,387. There are a total of 2,50,183 active cases of corona in India. These figures released by the Ministry of Health show that the pace of corona has slowed down in the country. India are on the verge of victory in the fight against Corona. At the beginning of the year, the country also received the coronavirus vaccine. Whose dry run has started today.

Earlier, two districts in four states of the country were run dry in preparation for vaccination, according to the Union Ministry of Health. The dry run will be held at least three sites in all state capitals. Some states will also include areas that are accessible and where there are difficulties in moving goods.


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