Congress formulated strategy for monsoon session; Preparations surround the government on many issues, including the economy and China

The committee met Thursday to determine the strategy related to the Congress parliament to discuss the issues raised in the upcoming monsoon session and the strategy to bring the opposition parties together around the government. According to sources, the meeting agreed that the GDP growth rate has slowed to about 24 percent, including the stalemate on the border with China, the corona crisis, the problem of migrant workers, unemployment, new education policy and some other issues. Yes.

A member of the 10-member committee told PTI-Bhasha: “It may be that the Corona crisis has not led to an all-party meeting by the government or the Speaker of the Lok Sabha and there will not be much clarity on the proceedings of the legislature.” In this context, it has been discussed in today’s meeting. He said, ‘The meeting discussed what our strategy should be about the ordinance issued by the government and some other possible bills. It was agreed that more and more opposition parties should unite on various issues to put more pressure on the government.

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The Congress leader said the committee had further decided that the issue of adjournment of the Question Hour would be raised in the forthcoming session. The committee may meet again in the coming days. Note that the upcoming monsoon session of Parliament will not bring any Q&A or private member’s bill. Zero Hour is also limited to this season, which is going to happen in the extraordinary circumstances that arose during the corona virus epidemic.

According to the notification issued by the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Secretariat, the activities of the two sides will run in separate shifts from 11 am to 10 am and from 3 pm to 7 pm. Parliamentary activities will continue on Saturday and Sunday. The session of Parliament will begin on September 14 and is proposed to end on October 1.


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