Competition for the corona virus test vaccine in China has

Competition for the corona virus test vaccine in China has eroded confidence among other countries

Confidence in a possible coronavirus vaccine (vaccine) has waned in most countries of the world, but people in China have rushed to hospitals only for experimental testing. On Saturday, there was a competition for a trial vaccine dose that sold hundreds of doses in two and a half hours. In China, 19 Covid vaccines are not yet ready, but a state government has used them as a test. Dosage distribution is open to the public. In fact, Chinese state-owned vaccine maker Synovac Biotech is experimenting with a vaccine called Covid-19. The company thought it was safe in the initial testing of the experimental vaccine, after which the dose is now being tested on a large number of people.

Expensive doses bought in line

Synovac Biotech sold doses of the experimental vaccine in an EU city in Zhejiang Province. One dose cost about Rs 3,600, which was bought by community health centers in a line of hundreds of people and this dose was sold within two and a half hours.

There is no fear of adverse effects on the body

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Everyone who bought the vaccine was asked to sign a declaration stating that the dose of the experimental vaccine could also have a negative effect on the body. Nevertheless, people administer these doses through fearless injections. Those who are taking the dose are called again after 28 days, the effect of this dose will be seen in their body.

Only start using without a security guarantee

At present, the vaccine has not been developed and no evidence of its complete safety has been published, but the Chinese government has allowed its use in the emergency treatment of an infected patient.

Tested in four countries

The name of this vaccine made by Synovac Biotech is Coronavac. It is currently being tried in Brazil, Indonesia and two other countries, whose names have been withheld.

51% of Americans do not believe in vaccines

A university study found that 51% of people do not believe that the Covid-19 vaccine would be safe for their health if it were available on the market. According to the survey, 31% of people are still unsure and 20% have no answer. Only 49% of Americans say they will administer the vaccine when it is available.

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Against anti-mask vaccines in Europe

European countries saw much opposition to wearing masks. A study by the French think tank Jean-Juarez Foundation, an anti-mask group on Facebook, found that 99% of people are also against the vaccine.

The rush to get vaccinated

It usually takes 10 to 12 years to become a vaccine but the same scientific process takes about a year and a half to complete. In such a situation, people are worried that the Covid-19 vaccine, which is being prepared in a hurry, may prove to be dangerous for them.


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