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CM Soren said on the foundation of the light house, the poor will build a huge house for them at a cost of seven lakh rupees.

On the occasion of laying the foundation stone of the online light house project, Chief Minister Hemant Soren has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to increase the contribution of the central government to reduce the financial contribution of the beneficiaries in these houses. The Chief Minister said 1008 houses should be constructed under the Ranchi light house project. The central government and the state government as well as the beneficiaries will have to contribute around Tk 7 lakh to this project. However, Jharkhand is a backward state. It is poor and has a huge population of workers. It is not easy for the poor laborers of the state to pay their dues. Seeing the economic situation of the poor and workers, the Chief Minister called upon the Prime Minister to increase the participation of the Central Government in this project.

After laying the foundation stone, Chief Minister Hemant Soren told the media that about Rs 13.5 lakh had been spent to build the 315-square-foot light house. Apart from the central and state governments, the beneficiaries will have to pay around Rs 7 lakh. In a poor state like Jharkhand, if people have so much money, they will build their own houses. The Chief Minister said that on the first day of 2021, the Prime Minister laid the foundation stone of the Light House project in six states in six years and started a new innings in the new year. I hope people will benefit. Jharkhand is a poor state and there are a lot of poor people here. This state will need more houses like this.

Workers should be taken care of

The Chief Minister said that a large number of workers and poor people from rural areas of Jharkhand migrated to the cities to work. Many workers move from the village to the city every day, while many live in the city. They do not have accommodation. The government should formulate an action plan to provide housing to the rural workers and the poor for employment in the cities.

The government is running a plan to give houses to the poor

The Chief Minister said that the state government is working to provide housing to all. The government is running various projects to provide housing to the poor and needy. So far, millions of homeless and poor people have been provided with houses and many houses are under construction. Housing projects are being implemented in rural as well as urban areas. Electricity, water and gas connections are also being provided to the houses allotted by the government to the beneficiaries.

MP Sanjay Seth, MLA Naveen Jaiswal, Ranchi Municipal Corporation Deputy Mayor Sanjeev Vijayvarjia, Municipal Development and Housing Secretary Binoy Kumar Chaubey, State Urban Development Agency Director Amit Kumar and Urban Administration Department Director Bijaya Yadav were present.


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