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CM Nitish, who was seen on the first day of the year, reached the Secretariat and said – don’t think about the challenges, work is important to us

CM Nitish Kumar reached the secretariat on the first day of the year amid political controversy over JDU MLAs joining the BJP in Arunachal Pradesh. He reviewed development work with officials and discussed New Year’s plans. He also published the diary and calendar of the Bihar government in the new year. CM Nitish congratulated Biharis for the new year.

“We don’t think about the challenges,” he said. For us, public work is important. We are trying to speed up the survey for the work that is already underway and the work that we have decided for the future. Every job is being considered. This budget will have all the work arrangements. He said the work has started from the first day of the new year. It is noteworthy that Nitish Kumar has been visiting and inspecting continuously for the last few days. At this time he is also appointing a class of officers. The CM says he will now come and work from here at least once a week.

On the other hand, his birthday was celebrated with New Year joy at the home of former CM Rabri Devi of Bihar. On the occasion, Rabri Devi congratulated the people of Bihar and slammed the BJP and JDU coalition government. He said crime and chaos in the state are at an all-time high. On the possibility of Nitish Kumar rejoining the grand alliance amid the ongoing political upheaval in the state, Rabri Devi said the party president and other leaders would discuss and decide what to do. He said the BJP could do the same in Bihar as it did in Arunachal. The BJP does everything in silence. It is published when you do it.

Earlier, former Chief Minister Lalu Prasad’s Twitter handle also shared a Happy New Year message for Biharis. It says in this message- ‘Happy New Year 2021. Poverty, helplessness, unemployment, unemployment must be eradicated in the new year. The distinction between socio-economic inequality and high-low was eliminated. Love grows, communal harmony is established, I wish you all a healthy and happy life with these wishes. ‘


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