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Britain’s passengers: Coroner John found positive and no signs of a new strain

The new form of corona found in Britain has frightened the whole world, including India. Speaking of Maharashtra, no international passenger yet found infected with the new coronavirus has arrived in Maharashtra. The 68 passenger corona returning from the UK between 25 November and 22 December were found to be positive but no new pressure was observed.

“From November 15 to December 23, 4,4744 returnees from the UK have been identified and 3,2786 have undergone RT-PCR tests, of which 687 samples have tested positive, but they are still positive,” said Pradeep Avete of the Maharashtra Monitoring Office. The new version has been shown not to be infected. “

Examples of those who tested positive were sent to the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune to find out what type of virus they were infected with. Six of the K68 Covid-19 positive passengers have yet to produce results. Of the 19 positive passengers, 29 were from Mumbai, 13 from Pune, seven from Thane, nine from Nagpur, two from Nashik, Aurangabad, Raigarh, Buldhana and one from Nanded and Washim.

The state government has warned the administration after the discovery of a new mutant of Covid-19, which is considered to be much more contagious than all previous strains. The state government has started looking for people to contact those who have tested positive. “We have identified 426 people who came in contact with people returning from the UK and tested positive for the Covid-19 infection, and 226 of them tested positive,” said Dr Avet.


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