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Bihar: The demand for lemon grass herbal tea in Bhagalpur is now increasing in the United States, online demand

The tea boom at Bhagalpur in Bihar has now reached America. In the Corona era, two brothers from Dubouli village in Pirpenti district made herbal teas to boost immunity and started selling them online through Facebook and Google. Within four months, the demand for two thousand packets per month has increased. Earlier they used to cultivate lemon grass and big traders used to buy dried leaves from them. Because of this they could not get proper profit.

Raman Dubey and Runak Kumar of Dubouli village, 70 km from Bhagalpur town, said lemon grass on one acre of land was ready in August. Looking at Corona, she started making herbal tea from its leaves and started selling it in the market through Facebook and Google. Only five hundred packets were sold in August. Then the demand for the product gradually increases. There is a demand for 50 packets from the United States at the moment. It is being made available through posts through them. Demand from other countries is also expected.

30 farmers came forward in agriculture

Considering the demand for making herbal tea from lemon grass, more than 30 farmers from the vicinity will cultivate it on ten acres of land from this year. Runak said that farmers do not have to worry about storage and sale of products after the production of lemon grass. They will be given a fair price.

Provides relief from insomnia and BP

Runak said that drinking herbal tea relieves insomnia and BP. In addition to controlling sugar, it helps reduce obesity. Drinking it also increases immunity.

One million will soon be received under startup

Runak, an engineering graduate from Anna University, and Raman Dubal, a postgraduate in business management from ISBR Bangalore, are working as the first agri startup from Bhagalpur. The government will provide financial assistance of one million rupees to both the brothers to promote the business through Startup Bihar Trust. The government liked his idea of ​​agriculture. Under this, farmers can join the organization for storage, purchase, sale, cooperation in agricultural technology, supply of organic fertilizers and seeds and financial assistance etc. The aggregator will train farmers on aromatic and medicinal plants, mushroom production, fishery and poultry farming.

Youth employment is a priority

The intention of these two brothers, who started their own by leaving millions of packages, has immense potential for farming in Bhagalpur. In conjunction with this, employment can be provided for many people. In the future, there are plans to open 25 exclusive outlet branding tea as Golden Gate.


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