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Bihar: Former SHO’s intervention, robbery, FIR of theft, case of unaccounted property, now incomplete case filed

A case was filed against Madan Kumar, a former police officer of Maranga police station in Purnia district of Bihar, on the instructions of IG Ratna Sanjay of Purnia Range on the written request of Additional SP Bansham Chowdhury Chowdhury. Additional SP Hari Mohan Shukla of Katihar has been given the responsibility of investigating the case.

It is said that the investigation of this case was first conducted by the IG of the office, Additional SP Bam Bam Chaudhary. A case has been filed with Kehat police station after the case was proved to be true. For the first time in Purnia district, such a case has been filed with the police station regarding acquisition of unnecessary assets.

In this regard, Kehat Police Station Sunil Kumar Mandal said that a case has been filed against the former station officer of Maranga Police Station in the light of a written application to Additional SP Bansham Chowdhury of the IG’s office. The investigation into the case has been handed over to Additional SP Hari Mohan Shukla of Katihar district. He said research has been started in this regard.

Incident of robbery, FIR of robbery

It is written in the application given to Kehat police station that Madan Kumar is a resident of Tulsipur Khadik Bhagalpur district. He joined the Bihar Police Service on 18 February 2009. He was first posted to Railway Police in Katihar district and later to Patna. He was transferred from Muftasil Ranipatra police station to Maranga police station. He had filed a case of snatching while he was the chief of Maranga police station. Apart from this, there were allegations of interfering in the work of the police station by keeping outsiders in the police station. The case is being investigated by IG Ratna Sanjay of Purnia region. In this case, the case was found by the IGO correctly. The IG then directed to remove SP Bishal Sharma from the post of Maranga police chief and take departmental action against him.

Property creation, good bank balance

Investigations were also carried out by the IG to obtain unnecessary assets in the light of confidential information. It was learned that he had bought three BHK buildings from a builder in Purnia. He has two bank accounts, one at Cindia SBI branch in Purnia district and the other at Oriental Bank of Commerce in Tulsipur. During the investigation, it was found that he had illegally acquired movable and immovable property. There is evidence of interest in FDs and various other types of assets. Apart from this, there has also been talk of a few million rupees in Madan Kumar’s bank balance.

Evidence-Based Measures: IG

IG Ratna Sanjay said that the unfinished assets case against Madan Kumar, a former station officer of Maranga police station, was handed over to Additional SP Bam Bam Chowdhury of the investigating office. It proved the case to be valid and also found evidence of illegal possession of movable property by them. He said a case has been filed against Boma Boma Chowdhury at Kehat police station and an investigation has been started. He said that Madan Kumar is currently suspended and departmental action is being taken against him.


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