Bihar Assembly Election 2020 The election of this period was

Bihar Assembly Election 2020: The election of this period was interesting due to the break up of the alliance

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The rift in the alliance has made the Bihar assembly elections interest ing this time. All parties will receive their mass-based assessment due to innovative testing in this election. At the same time, the strength of the opposition will be realized. Mahathbandan, who won the last election, will know the pros and cons of splitting the JDU and joining the Left parties. Similarly, the NDAO, overwhelmed by the success of the Lok Sabha elections, will be able to estimate the gains and losses due to the separation of the LJP in the Assembly elections. The RLSP has been tested in two Lok Sabha elections.

In the 2014 elections, the BJP split from the BJP to the BJP and became the JD (U) and the grand alliance succeeded. However, in last year’s Lok Sabha elections, the JDU again backed the BJP, after which the grand alliance partners were upset. Looking at the recent elections, it is clear that the BJP, RJD and JDU are the three big parties. Wherever two of these three groups remain, they have gained power. The Congress was also able to get a few or more seats with the help of this party. Apart from this the role of small teams going together could not be estimated. This election will make these national parties feel their strength. The Congress will also know whether the people like its friendship with the RJD or the JDU.

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Something different in the Assembly is that the Lok Sabha election partner LJP has taken a different path from the NDA. He has taken to the field against JDU candidates, in some seats he is fighting with the BJP. Since 2005, the LJP has not been able to determine its strength. At the time, the LJP had won 29 seats in the February election. The party assessed its base from it, but when the election was held in October of the same year, the party was reduced to 10 seats. Now in this election, he will be able to re-evaluate his new support base.

Ralospa is also in the same category. The RDSP, which won all three Lok Sabha seats from the NDA in 2014, went to the grand alliance, but failed to win its chief Upendra Kushwaha either. This time he also did a fancy test. Unlike the two alliances, it has formed a new alliance of smaller parties. In such a scenario, his old alliance, the NDA, will not only be able to predict profit and loss, but will also be able to predict whether both parties will be able to run without support. It is clear that the big political parties are playing the game of gaining power and losing, then the small parties are using their land for the future.

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How many places, in front

Congress is ahead of JDU in 25 seats
RJD is ahead of JDU in DU1 seats
The JDU will have to fight against the LJP in 40 seats
(LJP has not yet announced the third episode)
The Congress is ahead of the BJP in 37 seats
If Congress fights us in 4 seats, then in two seats including VIP


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