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As people started drinking more during the coronary period, the number of patients arriving at the hospital increased by 48.5%

Concerned about the Corona epidemic, people began to confine themselves to their homes. On the other hand, people have also increased their alcohol intake. The survey was conducted by the Liver Unit of King’s College Hospital in London. Accordingly, there has been an increase in the number of ARLD patients hospitalized during the epidemic, who were at higher risk of liver-related disease due to alcoholism. Among experts, it is now a matter of concern that many are drinking more because of concerns about the epidemic.

According to a survey by the Liver Unit of King’s College Hospital, there has been an unprecedented increase in the number of people infected with these diseases in June this year compared to June 2012. The number of such patients increased by 48.5 per cent, of which about a quarter were hospitalized in critical condition.

According to a recent analysis by Public Health England, the number of heavy drinkers increased between February and March following the implementation of the Covid Lockdown to spread the corona epidemic. Significantly, ARLD refers to liver damage caused by excessive alcohol consumption. According to statistics, about 8,000 people die from this serious condition every year.

Lockdown could be tightened further in Britain

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned on Sunday that current restrictions could be tightened to curb the spread of Covid-19 as the country battles a new strain of the coronavirus. Teachers’ organizations have been calling for the closure of all schools across the country for several weeks due to the rapid spread of the new virus. Johnson said parents should send their children to schools in areas where they are open from Monday because the risk of the deadly virus is “quite low”. However, he said there are more stringent restrictions for humans in the coming weeks as the number of people infected with the corona virus in the country this weekend has risen to 57,725, and the death toll has risen to around 75,000.


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