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As China changes its defense laws, the military under Jinping becomes stronger and stronger.

China has increased the strength of its armed forces under President Xi Jinping by amending its national defense law. The move is aimed at consolidating military and civilian resources to protect China’s national interests at home and abroad. The law has been in effect since January, according to a Sunday report in the South China Morning Post newspaper published from Hong Kong.

This has reduced the role of the State Council of Ministers, headed by Prime Minister Li Qiang, in the military policy-making and decision-making powers of the Central Military Commission (CMC). Led by Xi, the CMC is the entire high command of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) with 20 million personnel. Xi, 67, founder of the Communist Party of China (CPC), has emerged as its most powerful leader since Mao Zedong. Shi is the General Secretary and Chief of Army Staff of the CPC. In addition, he can hold the office of President and for life.

He is the only civilian leader in the CMC, a full military officer. The amendments to the National Defense Act were passed by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on December 26 last year. It is noteworthy that in November last year, an important conference of the CPC was held, where the plan to form a fully modern army by 20227 on the basis of the United States was finalized.

The amended law emphasizes the need to bring together government and non-government organizations to participate in the study of new defense technologies in the fields of cyber security, aerospace and electromagnetism, in addition to conventional weapons. Military and political analysts believe that the goal of the new law is to strengthen the country’s military leadership forever.

Deng Yuin, a former deputy editor of the Communist Party’s publication Study Times, said the amendments were aimed at implementing and legitimizing the precise nature of China’s political and defense system to deal with situations that harm administrations in India and abroad. Deng said the political nature of China is completely different from that of many countries … It is not surprising for Beijing that the CMC’s leadership has been strengthened while the PLA has defended China’s national interests worldwide. Going

Chen Daoin, a professor of political science at Shanghai University, said the changes to the law show that the government has gained the confidence to justify its old doctrine, which says the party has control over guns and it stamps its full leadership on the armed forces and reserve forces.


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