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Another push by Mamata Banerjee ahead of Bengali elections, Shuvendu Adhikari’s brother Soumendu to join BJP

Shuvendu Adhikari, who recently joined the BJP after leaving the Trinamool Congress, said on Friday that his brother and Trinamool leader Soumendu would join the BJP along with many other leaders and activists. Soumendu has recently been removed from the post of administrator of Kontai municipality. Shuvendu told a meeting in East Midnapore that Soumendu would join the Saffron Party that day along with some Trinamool Congress councilors and 50,000 leaders and activists. He said that the Taranmul Congress would soon disintegrate. “My younger brother Soumendu Kanta will join the BJP,” he said on the occasion of the founding day of the Trinamool Congress. He will be accompanied by 50,000 Trinamool Congress councilors and 5,000 Trinamool workers. The Trinamool Congress will soon break up. ”

Notably, Soumendu said on Thursday that lotus blooms in every house. This indicates that he can join the BJP following in his brother’s footsteps. Divyendu and Shishar, two members of the officer’s family, are in the Trinamool Congress. The BJP leader claimed that at least one lakh people would take part in the rally to be held here on January 8. He told his supporters, “If there is any kind of obstacle in anyone’s way to reach the meeting place, he can call me.”

“On December 29, anti-social elements of the Trinamool Congress attacked fans attending a religious function,” he said. In their vehicle was the flag of Sanatan Hindu religion. The attackers will be taught a lesson.

Regarding the CBI raid on two houses of businessman Binoy Mishra in Kolkata on Thursday, he said the agency would soon knock on the door of an elderly man involved in the case. Just wait. Mishra is considered close to the Trinamool Congress. The case is related to cattle smuggling at the Indo-Bangladesh border.


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