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After Corona, now feared to have bird flu in Rajasthan, about 300 crows died in 7 days

In Rajasthan, Corona has now thrown a new crisis. Over the past several days, crows have continued to die across the state. As many as 49 crows died in Baran town on Friday, according to the administration. Besides, 16 people were killed in Jhalawar, 10 in Panwar, 6 in Sunela and 2 more in Jodhpur.

At the same time, there have been reports of death of crows as well as coal in Halalawar. The 1-1 Kingfisher and Megapy bird were also found dead in Mathana. However, other birds did not die. So far about 300 crows have died in the state in one week.

Chief Wildlife Warden ML Meena has issued a bird flu alert across the state. A warning has also been issued regarding Avton influenza, which is the cause of avian influenza transmission in wildlife protected areas. It has been reported that chick0 chickens died in Panwad area 4 days ago. With this, the team of Animal Husbandry Department reached Panwad and took samples of chickens. The warning issued instructed officials that Halalawar had the deadly bird flu virus. In such a situation, officials of the Tiger Reserve, starting from the state, should try their best to stop the spread of it to all wildlife departments.

Officials should take special care to see the huge number of birds in the wetlands nowadays. In addition to the Century, Tiger Reserve, Conservation Reserve keep an eye on all the places and outposts where there are birds.

All in all, what is bird flu?

Talking about bird flu, Dr. Bonsod said that avian influenza, a viral infectious disease, affects many species of domestic and wild birds. The infection is commonly found in birds but can sometimes infect many more mammals, including humans. When it is transmitted to humans, it is called influenza (mucus fever).


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