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After 7 months, the school will be open to students from 9 to 12 tomorrow, this guideline must be followed

Schools in UP are set to open from Monday after seven months. In the first phase, the government has allowed children in grades nine to twelve to call. Classes will be conducted in two shifts. The operation will be conducted in the first shift from 8.50 am to 11.50 am and in the second shift from 12.20 pm to 3.20 pm.

Preparations have been made at the district administration, education department and school level. More than 1,000 schools have been certified to meet standards such as sanitation, masks, and social distance under the Covid Protocol. At the same time, more than 100 teams have been formed at the level of district administration and education department. The team will surprise schools on Monday.

I tell you, due to the corona infection, schools have been closed since last March. Following the government’s directive, about 1020 schools in the capital are starting from Monday. District school inspector. Mukesh Kumar Singh said that 51 principals of government schools have been assigned the responsibility of this school. In addition, 106 more officers have been appointed for the inspection on behalf of the district magistrate. The DIOS said it had written to the chief medical officer asking all CHCs and PHCs to exercise caution. In addition, all SDMs and tehsildars have been asked to inspect schools in their area. The municipal corporation has been asked to write a letter to strengthen the sanitation system in resourceless schools.

Classes will run in two shifts, with 50 percent of students seated

– The school will run in two shifts. Children of 9th and 10th class will be called in the first shift and 11th and 12th class children will be called in the second shift.

– The room needs to be sanitized after each shift when the school opens.

– Sanitation should be done after trumpristation test when children come. Masks are essential.

– The number of integrated control rooms of the district administration should be displayed in each school.

– If any student, teacher or any employee of any school has significant cold, fever or fever, it will be reported to the control room immediately.

A committee will be formed in the school to follow the Covid-19 protocol.

– Online classes will continue uninterrupted.

Classes will be conducted by calling 50-50 percent of the children in two shifts.

Kids need a distance of six feet between them when they remove the masks during lunch. Children should not share any food or ingredients among themselves.


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