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A day before the next round of talks, farmers said they would celebrate Lohri by burning legal copies, and the government should give up its insistence.

Farmers protesting against the central government’s repeal of three new agricultural laws on Sunday reiterated that they would not end the movement until the laws were repealed. He warned that they would burn copies of the agricultural law on Lohri Day. For more than a month, thousands of farmers have been protesting at various borders in Delhi. The farmers are also in talks with the government, but no agreement is expected on the main demand.

“We will celebrate Lohri on January 13 by burning a copy of the Agriculture Act,” farmers at the Singhu border told a news conference. On January 23, Netaji will celebrate Subhash Chandra Bose’s birthday as Farmers’ Day. “Today is the 3rd day of the farmers’ movement, the government should give up its insistence,” said Omkar Singh, a peasant leader. We will not go back until the law is repealed. It is sad that farmers are dying. The government is not taking the issue seriously.

There have been several rounds of talks between the central government and the leaders of the farmers’ organizations. In the last meeting, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that the government has accepted two issues of the farmers. The next meeting will be on January 4. “At our next meeting tomorrow, we will demand the repeal of three agricultural laws,” farmer leader Harmeet Singh told a news conference. It is raining incessantly here. We are trying to assemble waterproof tents, but they are not standard. Hot water and blankets for women and the elderly are also being provided uninterruptedly.

The farmers appealed to the Punjab government

Peasant leaders protesting at the Singhu border also appealed to the Amindar government of Punjab. Farmer leader Jangvir Singh said, “The letter regarding sugarcane price was given to the Punjab government, but a month and a half has passed and the Punjab government has not responded. The notification was issued within a week. We request the Punjab government to look into the matter.” . ”

Farmers are facing winter, farmers are stuck demanding rain

Since the beginning of the new year, farmers have been standing on the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border against the agrarian law amidst the catastrophic winter and Sunday rains. Border farmers somehow struggled to protect themselves from the cold. Some farmers hid under tents and trolleys to protect themselves from the rain. In the midst of severe winters the rain kites have increased further. Wet in the rain, the farmers demanded the government to repeal the law.

Allegations of sticking of protesting farmers against BJP leaders

At the same time, police baton-charged the farmers who were working on the occasion of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Ashwani Sharma’s program. Sharma came to meet district president Randeep Singh Deol to meet district presidents and boost workers’ morale after a trolley full of dung was overturned outside the house of BJP leader Tishik Sood in Hoshiarpur, but the farmers got there as soon as they found out. Police were also integrated and barricades were set up. The protesters broke the barricades, the police resorted to baton charge. Some farmers had minor injuries.

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