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A complete immunization plan is ready in India, find out when and how this vaccine will be given

The country has received the corona vaccine and the central government’s vaccine plan is ready. The central government has fully prepared its plan to vaccinate 300 million people. Let us know that home guards and civil defense personnel from retired doctors and nurses at the Nehru Youth Center, even volunteers, the central and state governments will look for the proper implementation of the world’s largest vaccination campaign against coronavirus. Available

This will be done at each vaccination site

According to government guidelines, each vaccination site will have at least three rooms and will require more than one staff member to carry out specific duties. Vaccination officers from the police, home guards, civil defense, National Cadet Corps (NCC), National Service Scheme (NSS) Will be 1. Its job is to check the registration status of the vaccine recipient and ensure that admission to the vaccination center is regulated.

The target is to vaccinate 300 million people

India’s vaccination campaign against COVID-19 aims to provide infectious disease protection to 300 million people by July, including healthcare workers, front-line workers and people at risk of infection. These will be vaccinated in large government and non-government health services receiving at least 100 vaccines in each government ward.

Vaccination Officer 2 will have the duty to verify the identification documents of the recipients. 3 and 4 officer support staff who are responsible for managing the crowd and will ensure that each recipient will spend 30 minutes on site after receiving the shot, is a negative response. Support staff will provide information, education and communication (IEC) messages and vaccinations as well as support to the vaccination team.

The process will be done in two rooms

Document verification and identification of beneficiaries will be done in the first cell, the second cell will be used exclusively for vaccination. The Indian Drug Authority last week approved Kovishield of the Serum Institute of India and Kovacin of Bharat Biotech for emergency use for the list intended for consumers. Officials said the Covid-19 vaccine could occur on certain days of the week, though not daily.

A senior official involved in the scheme said, “We also need to make sure that our ongoing public immunization program is not disrupted. Each state is assigned a specific day for UIP. Covid vaccination programs are likely to take place on different days. “


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