A case has been filed against Tejaswi, Tej Pratap and Pappu Yadav along with named John and 100 unknown persons.


Kotwali police on Friday indicted seven nominees, including former deputy chief minister Tejashwi, former minister Tej Pratap and Jap supremo Pappu Yadav, and 100 unidentified persons against the capital’s agriculture bill.

They allege that the three leaders took to the streets to protest without permission. There was also a public meeting at that time. The protest took place in a confined space like Bailey Road. After all, FIRs have been registered in various streams.

The registered FIR has other sections including procession without permission, Kovid 19, demonstration in prohibited areas. At the same time, police have denied arresting any of the protesters in the case.

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Japar leaders are protesting in the BJP office, beaten

Violent clashes broke out between BJP workers and BJP leaders who reached the BJP office on Birchand Patel Road on Friday in protest of agriculture. During this time, agitated BJP workers protested and beat up the chanting protesters. Seeing the BJP leaders, many Jap leaders and activists fled.

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BJP activists have alleged that the protesters illegally climbed the gate of his party office and started abusing him. After hearing the unspecified language, the BJP workers lost their temper. After hearing all this for a long time, the BJP workers first made a video of the Japar protesters and then opened the gate and came out to confront them. For some time, there was chaos in front of the BJP’s Bhairchand Patel Path party office.

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