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There will be pain after giving birth to a child, the pregnant lady panicked thinking that dangerous steps were taken to escape

The woman was very nervous thinking of the pain and took a dangerous step.

Chennai: In Chennai, an eight-month pregnant woman died after consuming pills to abort her pregnancy, allegedly fearing childbirth complications. 23-year-old Kumari Kanjakam was a native of Odisha, but she lived in Chennai with her husband Pratap Ulaka and niece Geeta Kanjaka. Police said that she along with her niece had gone to Odisha to attend the last rites of a woman who had died of childbirth complications and as a result, was under stress on her return to Chennai.Also Read – Girl born pregnant woman surrounded by floods, named ‘Ganga’, said – Ganga is Maya’s offering

After reaching Chennai on 20 September, she slipped in the bathroom, complained of abdominal pain and was taken to Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital. There doctors diagnosed that she had an infection in her womb and that the situation was serious and informed the family that her uterus would have to be removed. Surgery was performed to remove her uterus, but she did not recover and she died. Also Read – The wife is pregnant for the 5th time, so she took out the eyes of an 8-year-old girl, made a talisman and wore it, then …

After post-mortem and family interrogation, it was found that she had taken pills to abort the pregnancy. While the hospital declined to comment. A doctor told IANS on condition of anonymity that even before she fell in the bathroom, her uterus was weak and the pills had made her condition worse. Also Read – Aishwarya Rai became pregnant for the second time at the age of 47? Are full of exasperation, the earlier pictures will not be recognized


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