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The person asked on the phone – how old are you now, PM Modi gave a shocking answer

A person asked PM Modi his age on the phone.

Panaji: A day earlier, PM Narendra Modi celebrated his 71st birthday. Programs were organized by BJP leaders and workers across the country. On this occasion, PM Modi called a person whom he knew for a long time to seek blessings. PM Modi searched the person’s number and called. This person, who stays away from TV and newspapers, asked how old are you now. On this question, PM Modi answered in his own style.Also Read – Rajya Sabha by-Polls: BJP announces Union Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, L Murugan as candidates from these states

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shared this anecdote. PM Modi said that he had a brief conversation with Vishwa Hindu Parishad member Shashikant Bhagat. Modi showed his interest in telephone birthdays to those who influenced his life. Due to this effect, PM Modi got the number tracked and called. Also Read – A political party got fever after getting 2.5 crore vaccines on my birthday: PM Modi

Narendra Modi asked the man his age, to which the senior citizen replied that he was 75 years old. The Prime Minister said, “I was thinking of some people whom I knew in the past. I tracked down the phone number of an elderly gentleman whom I knew and had to seek his blessings. He is older than me and cut off from the world of television and newspapers. He lives in his own world.” Also Read – Rajasthan: Marriage Registration Amendment Bill-2021 passed in assembly, BJP told black law, did walkout

PM Modi said that “He asked me, ‘How old are you?’ I told him that ‘I have 30 years left.’ He laughed and said, ‘You haven’t changed at all.’ You are doing exactly what you were doing in childhood’. Modi said, “You should not even say that you are 75 years old. Instead just say that you have 25 more years (to live).”


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