Puducherry Election 2021 Live: UPA vs NDA in Puducherry, polling continues, 53.76% votes cast so far

Puducherry Election 2021 Live: UPA vs NDA in Puducherry, polling continues, 53.76% votes cast so far

Puducherry Election 2021 Live: The turnout in the 30 seats of the Puducherry Assembly this morning has so far been 53.76%. Will the UPA return to the polls or will the NDA get power? Get instant updates …..

Puducherry Election 2021 Live: The voting process for 30 assembly seats in Puducherry has been going on since this morning. The voting process was quite slow till nine in the morning and only 0.6% of the votes were cast in two hours, then the voting started loudly and by 1 pm the turnout was 53.76%. Read more – Assembly Election 2021: Voting in all five states today, in the last phase of Assam and in the third phase in Bengal

UPA or NDA in Puducherry, decision today

There are 324 candidates in the fray for the 30 seats in the Puducherry Assembly today and the main contest is between the Congress alliance and the BJP alliance. In such a situation, the question arises as to whether the people of the state will elect the BJP alliance or whether the Congress-DMK alliance will return. Let me tell you that the BJP is now trying to come to power for the first time since the state Congress government fell last month. Read more – Puducherry Assembly Election 2021: BJP Leader Amit Shah Road Show in Puducherry

Update Update 6. Read more – Congress government in Puducherry was a disaster, now a big wave in our support: PM Modi

Former Chief Minister of Puducherry and Congress leader V. Narayanasamy went to the polls this morning and cast his vote.

Puducherry Congress president N Rangaswamy came to the Government Boys Middle School in Thislet on Tuesday morning to cast his vote. Earlier, he also went to the temple and prayed.

Puducherry BJP president and Lopet assembly constituency candidate V Saminathan voted.


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