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Power Crisis Issue: The central government has warned the states – if electricity is sold, then the quota will be cut

Power Crisis Issue: The central government has issued a guideline for the states and has also warned that quota will be cut if electricity is sold, know the guideline…

Power Crisis Issue: Concerns about the power crisis in the country are increasing. The central government is holding meetings regarding the power crisis. So at the same time many states have also written letters to the PMO regarding this. Although the Energy Minister said relief things, but the Home Minister had a meeting on Monday regarding this. Explain that due to shortage of coal in many states, power plants have come to a standstill. State governments are repeatedly pleading with the Center to meet the demand for electricity.Also Read – Maharashtra Legislative Assembly’s power supply shut due to rain, proceedings adjourned

Meanwhile, the central government is also looking ready to meet the shortage of electricity. In view of the power crisis, the central government has directed the states to schedule electricity among the consumers and inform the central government about the surplus power. After getting information about this surplus, the government will be able to allocate power to the needy states.

The government has given a warning to the states – action will be taken if found selling electricity

The central government has said that all the states will have to schedule their allocated electricity among the consumers and if there is surplus electricity then the states will not be able to sell that electricity. If any state is found doing this, then the quota of electricity of the concerned state will be reduced or it will be allotted to the needy state.

These instructions given for Delhi

The Central Government has given instructions to NTPC and DVC that the distribution companies of Delhi should be given as much power as is demanded. The government has said that in the last 10 days, the declared power given to Delhi Discom should be reviewed and its power supply should be secured.


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