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Pollution worsens the situation: Experts said – If we do not save the environment, then we will not survive either

Air pollution has become a threat to human life.

New Delhi: The condition of pollution in Delhi-NCR is very bad. Schools have to be closed due to pollution. Along with Delhi, the condition of other parts of the country is also bad. Delhi-NCR has become the most polluted area in the world. If the governments claim to bring about a change in this situation and take effective steps, the courts make serious comments about the pollution here, but every year the situation remains the same. Professor CR Babu, a well-known environmentalist and a member of various environmental committees of the Center, has talked on this issue. Here are the main excerpts.Also Read – I am not an enlightened speaker, I don’t know good English to express my words: CJI Raman

Question: Every year, before and after Diwali, there is a hue and cry in the national capital regarding pollution and then it comes to the fore in the form of a never-ending crisis. what would you say? Also Read – Pollution havoc in Delhi: Supreme Court told the Center – people are putting masks in their homes, impose lockdown for two days

Answer: Air pollution has become a threat to human life, especially in Delhi. It is not just because of bursting of crackers on Diwali. Air pollutants are very high in the atmosphere during the cold season. The geographical location of Delhi is such that air pollution increases due to low temperature here. Cold air becomes heavy and stays around the ground. Due to this pollution takes dangerous form and people have to face many other health related problems ranging from difficulty in breathing. The most responsible for this is the dust flying from the construction work activities. After this comes the number of pollution caused by vehicles. They increase pollution but there are few ways to reduce it. In the name of development, we are destroying trees and forests. We need a good strategy to save our environment. Also Read – Delhi covered the first dense haze of the season, this time the record of four years will be broken!

Question: How much do you hold Diwali and Parali responsible for this situation?
Answer: Yes. In some states, burning of stubble increases our problem, but for this first you have to improve your house. You are not able to reduce the pollution caused by vehicles. You are not doing anything to save the environment from the damage caused by construction works. Despite the court orders and the orders of the National Green Authority (NGT), people are not understanding the effects of pollution. Public participation is needed in all programs to save the environment. People have to be made aware and their thinking will have to change.

Question: Recently there was heavy pollution in Yamuna too. On Chhath Puja, women took a dip in the polluted waters of Yamuna and it was discussed internationally as well. What will you say?
Answer: Yamuna is dead. There is an order of NGT but despite this people took a dip there. People are to blame for this as well as governments are also guilty for this. Why doesn’t it make development plans keeping the environment in mind? People must be educated and made aware. At the same time, keeping in mind the health of the environment, the governments will have to implement the development plans. Environmental challenges are many. If we don’t save it, the future generations will curse us. Environment can be saved even with development works.

Question: How do you see the efforts of the governments in this direction?
Answer: Where is he trying? Just ‘lip service’ (rhetoric) is happening. Take the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh only. He circumambulated the Narmada river and planted many trees. Go and find out what is the condition of those trees? Is he even alive? This is just an example. There are many more such examples. Governments have to make serious efforts in this direction. ‘Lip service’ will not work.

Question: What do you think should be a permanent solution to this?
Answer: First of all, we have to bring to the fore the challenges of the environment and make people aware of its serious dangers. They have to be educated. They have to be told that if we do not save the environment, then humanity will not survive either. The government has to take this matter on priority. Along with making it a main stream subject, it has to be made a subject of study. A social change is much needed.

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