Petrol-diesel update: Diesel prices reduced by 14-15 paise per liter in four metros

New Delhi (folklore). State-owned oil companies cut diesel prices by 14-15 paise in the country’s four major metros for the third day in a row on Monday, while petrol prices remained stable during the period.

Earlier, fuel prices were reduced on both Thursday and Friday. There was no change in petrol price on Saturday. On Sunday, diesel was saved by 23-25 ​​paise.

The relocation of the corona has affected the demand for crude oil in the international market, which has affected the price. The demand for crude oil is the lowest in the last 4 months in September. Diesel prices have been falling in the domestic market since September 3 and so far a decline of Rs 2.13 per liter has been recorded.

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According to Indian Oil, a leading oil marketing company, petrol was stable at 71.14 in Delhi, while diesel was 15 paise lower at Rs 711.43.

In the commercial city of Mumbai, petrol was priced at Rs 7.8.72 per liter and diesel at Rs 77.77.7 per liter, down 15 paise.

Petrol in Kolkata 72. 827 was stable, while diesel fell 15 paise to 744.94.

In Chennai, petrol price remained unchanged at Rs 74.21 per liter and diesel at Rs 76.76 per liter, down 14 paise.

On Friday, petrol prices were reduced from 23 paise to 26 paise and diesel from 35 paise to 37 paise per liter. On Thursday, petrol became cheaper by 14-16 paise and diesel by 19-20 paise.

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