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On the completion of 29 years of Zee, Punit Goenka released the message, said – the best is yet to come, will write the script of new successes

Today 29 years have been completed since the establishment of the country’s first satellite TV channel. It is known as ZEE TV all over the world.

New Delhi: On the completion of 29 years of the company, Puneet Goenka, MD and CEO of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) said on Saturday (October 2) that the company is looking forward to many more successful years ahead. Goenka shared about the remarkable journey of the company and said that it would not have been possible without the perseverance and hard work of the employees of the company. Significantly, today 29 years have been completed since the establishment of the country’s first satellite TV channel. It is known as ZEE TV all over the world.Also Read – The news in the media about ZEEL’s EGM is baseless, NCLT did not give any order; know the whole truth

Puneet Goenka, MD & CEO, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) said, “I am happy to share that on this day, 29 years ago, we had put pen to paper and laid the foundation of an extraordinary institution and an Academy of Talent. Which we named ZEE. At that time, a lot of people thought it was an impossible but daring task, but thanks to the passion and perseverance we were successful and today we celebrate 29 glorious years of ZEE!” He continued, “These 29 years have been remarkable! It has been a journey in which we have inculcated a culture of constant value creation and continuous growth. This would not have been possible without your perseverance and hard work.” Also Read – Why is Invesco adamant on changing the board of ZEEL? Seeing the proposed names, questions are raised on the intention itself

A firm believer in hard work, Goenka’s mantra is to see a ray of hope instead of a dark cloud in challenging situations. Acknowledging that the journey has had many challenges as well, Goenka said, “My mantra in these circumstances is to always look for a ray of hope instead of a dark cloud; Or to put it simply, it is to be constantly focused on your work and believe that every difficult period will surely pass. In fact, these ups and downs have been extremely productive in building our resilience, allowing us to remain committed to the company’s growth and profitability.” Also Read – ZEEL-Sony Merger: Know from market expert Vallabh Bhansali what is the meaning of ZEEL-SONY merger? What about the shareholders?

He further added, “Today, the words ‘Entertainment’ and ‘G’ are spoken together, which speaks of our success and this precious asset we have created together. This dream that we have created and nurtured over almost three decades has turned into a global one. With our coordinated efforts and actions, let us all celebrate our achievements today by reinforcing the power of optimism and solidarity. After all, it is this ethos that has enabled us to remain rooted in our rich value system and yet remain on a global scale.”

Addressing his employees, Goenka said, “I cherish the strong bond we have built over the years, which has always enabled me to share my thoughts with you all. The best is yet to come! The proposed merger with Sony Pictures Networks India will make us the largest media and entertainment company in the country. I am confident that with Sony as partners in our value creation journey, the combined synergy will help us strengthen our capabilities to create fast content that enriches the lives of our consumers.”

He added, “I am always with you in this journey, and we will continue to tread this path together to script new successes. I am grateful for your unwavering support to the company, and I salute the leadership team at ZEE for instilling a healthy and collaborative culture that enables you to continuously push the boundaries.”

Goenka reminded people that “we all get great opportunities in life that often come with impossible situations.” He said, “The key is to turn our obstacles into possibilities and ultimately successful outcomes. I firmly believe that now is the time for change, as together we step into the 30th year of a company that awaits to be filled with success, pride, growth and profitability.”

He concluded by saying, “Always remember, having a challenge in life is something you cannot avoid but being defeated is optional. The choice will always be yours only! My heartiest congratulations to each and every one of you for achieving this glorious milestone!”


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